Friday, March 23, 2012

Level Design: AzTech screenshots

I'm pretty proud of my Ivy. :)
Death Match level I built in UDK with my teammate Ty Monroe for our Protoyping and Level Design classes last quarter. It is supposed to an Aztec-like temple that was built by an ancient advanced civilization, hence the glowy pillars. I was the material artist and Ty was in charge of lighting and technical art. This is the "Tree Room."

I built and textured all the objects in this room except for the pointy blue stone over the doorway and the ferns which were stock, but i did make all the ivy myself. Ty lit everything and added the pollen particle and fog. I placed most of the meshes and Ty placed the pick-ups.

Another one of the rooms... 

"Tree Room" from a different vantage point. Ty made the dark green pillars, the Jaguar Statues on the walls and lanterns in the foliage and some plants. I made everything else with the exception of some of the plants which were free-use stock by I also used Nobiax's stock normal map on the floor and walls, but made my own spec and diffuse maps over that. all other objects were built and textured by me.


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